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Tuxedo with White Bow Tie


Image of Tuxedo with White Bow Tie

The first tuxedo for women was designed a half century ago by designer Yves Saint Laurent. Now you have this style in an apron. You don't need to try a gazillion dresses when you want to entertain. The style has all of the craftsmanship you would expect from our designs. The top is fully lined to add stability and has no exposed seams. The apron looks great with or without a petticoat (petticoat not included) and is constructed in 100% designer quality cotton. The extra long waist ties will allow you to tie a big bow in the back or tie in front. We've included a small pocket to hold your phone or other essentials. Wash in cold water on gentle cycle. To keep colors vibrant, hang to dry (save energy). Remove bow tie before washing. Light iron, if necessary. Ready to ship. Priority Mail.